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Consulting, Design & Installation
Professional Development
Audio Lighting & Visual for Auditoriums, Halls and Theatres

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AV & Wi-FI Access
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Restaurants, High Rise Apartments, Venues



Greg Loxton has 25 years hands on experience providing sound design, installation and production

Specialising in schools and education; And any level of commercial development; cafes to live performance venues to multi story hotels

Our boutique size allows us to be dynamic to embark upon large scale projects as well as small projects.


Robertson SS would like to thank you for your efficient and professional work you have carried out  at the school. Especially setting up an amazing sound system in our hall. Upgrading the schools emergency evacuation system and re wiring all the speakers throughout the school to enable all classes to hear the emergency alarms and voice messages. Giving advice and service when asked without hesitation.

I personally would highly recommend you and your company for the outstanding work you performed at our school.

Stella Kho | Business Services Manager | Robertson State School


” Greg has been involved since the initial design phase of our auditorium. He has helped us to choose the most suitable equipment for our needs.

Greg has a detailed knowledge of the type of requirements schools have. He helped to design and install the appropriate gear and has also provided both students and staff with the professional development and training required to become self sufficient in the operation of this equipment.

Greg has a wonderful rapport with staff and students of all ages and abilities and has always been happy to support us no matter how trivial the request may be.

My job as Auditorium Manager has been made substantially easier since Greg has come on board. It is safe to say that we now have the best equipment for our purposes without breaking our budget, whilst all workplace health and safety issues have been addressed and we have the best industry standard training for both staff and students. “

 Grantley Sutch – Ferny Grove High School


Greg Loxton and GL Audio have worked at Somerville House for many years.

We have held a variety of events and concerts at the school indoor and outdoor.

Greg’s expertise and unfailing dedication to the AV for each event is impressive

There seems to be no AV job too small or too large that Greg does not have 150% to the task.

Than you to Greg for making our events even more impressive and entertaining.


Stephen Williams | Director of Co-Curricular Music

Somerville House

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